Subject Verb Agreement Video 2Nd Grade you will have access to interventions, extensions, instructions for implementing tasks and more for this instruction video. Tip: `is` and `are` and `am` are different verb forms `to be`. To learn more about the different videos, please visit Remember: you need to compare the form of “being” with the theme! This is called the subject-verb agreement. Tip: “to be” is an irregular verb, which is why the forms are so different from one another. You don`t follow any pattern. If you have a BrainPOP teacher account, log in. Learn how teachers can perform BrainPOP-style assessments using the Mixer quiz with a My BrainPOP account. After a bit, you`ll probably just do it right without thinking about it. Please download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Good review job. Now we are learning something new….