What Happens When Tenancy Agreement Expires Uk

The rental can end at any time if you and the landlord are on the same page and you agree. In most cases, if a tenant rents less than 100,000 per year, moved into the property on or after February 28, 1997 and has the right to have privacy in the property, if the landlord cannot enter the property without mutual agreement, an insured short-term tenancy is automatically created, with or without a signed lease. You will need to review your lease to see if you need to write to your landlord to tell them that you will be leaving at the end of your term. If you are unsure, contact Housing Rights for advice. If you need to leave before the end of your rental, your landlord or agent may charge an early cancellation fee. You cannot charge more than the rent you would have paid if you had stayed until the end of your tenancy.