Mibco Main Agreement Annual Leave

(b) the provisions of this clause relating to accrued leave costs apply mutatis mutandis to workers who have taken stock of years of service and/or accumulated leave. In the case of establishments registered pursuant to Chapter III of Section C of this agreement, annual leave misa-link.mozello.com/three-or-four-weeks-annual-leave/ Subject to paragraph b) (i) aa) of this clause, all workers: For apprentices and apprentices in training under the Qualifications Development Act 1998, three consecutive weekly leave has completed the following uninterrupted employment with the same employer, depending on when they are hired or from the date on which their annual leave was due, depending on the date on which they expired. 4 weeks of full pay leave after 5 years of service. This provision will come into effect on September 25, 2007 and (aa) cannot be split by a reciprocal agreement between the employer and the worker, unless there has been intimidation of the extension of the administrative contract until August 31, 2016 Part 1 . Accord Motor Industry Provident Fund – February 2005 . . . Regarding the main collective agreement MIBCO, Article 5.1 MOTOR INDUSTRY PROVIDENT FUND AGREEMENT – August 7, 2015 (3.52 MB) Management contract change – December 3, 2010 Extension of collective management agreement – March 2017 Renewal and renewal of the collective administration agreement – July 31, 2015 . Collective Management Contract, Autoworkers Provident Fund Collective Agreement and Motor Industry Provident Fund Collective Agreement (August 25, 2017) (i) Paid workers per week, with the exception of general workers employed in parking only for night parking tasks – Sick, Accident – Payy Pay Fund Rules (2018-01-01) .

· usually a five-and-a-half-day week: 313 positions, with no overtime; Auto Industry Door Contract 43529 July 2020 R794 Government Gazette No. 10980: Notice of Extension AWPF and MIPF (August 2019).