Autm Agreement Maintenance Course

AUTM 2137 This course deals with the principles of air conditioning and the type, diagnosis, control and repair of air conditioning systems. The course includes practical work on air conditioning systems such as evacuation, component replacement, loading, recycling and performance testing. Students will also test and diagnose electronic heating and cooling circuits for motor vehicles. AUTM 1003 This course covers basic knowledge and operations of the automotive industry as well as basic electrical theories, diagnostic and repair procedures for the automotive industry with different types of tools and testing tools and reference materials available in Alldata and your manual. ENGL 1150 This course focuses on the process of writing expositive and compelling essays with effective writing skills and a variety of research techniques. Course content also includes critical reading and logical thinking. Satisfied MnTC Goal 1. Conditions: recommended investment valuation. AUTM 1033 This course includes the basics of brakes, hydraulic systems, disc and drum brakes, parking brakes, anti-lock brakes and servo assistants.

The focus is on the operation, diagnosis and repair of different types of braking systems. AUTM 2238 This course deals with the current automotive clutch, manual/transaxle gearbox, distribution gearbox and differential used for late model vehicles. Students learn the diagnosis, repair and use of each system. Conditions: AUTM1003, 1013 AUTM 2344 This course focuses on emission control systems and the operation, diagnosis and repair of hybrid vehicles. Live work will be at the center of this course and will reinforce the understanding gained from previous courses. Condition: successful completion of AUTM1003, AUTM 1013, AUTM2314, AUTM2324 and AUTM2334 with a minimum score of 70% or simultaneous enrollment in the 2960 Skill Development course with the trainer`s permission. ENGL 1200 This course has been designed to improve students` ability to write technical documents. The content reviewed includes proposals, research reports, technical manuals, feasibility studies and process reports. Conditions: Students need a score of 240 or higher for the Accuplacer English and Reading Exam. Co-condition: If students score between 230 and 239 points, they can enroll in this course, but must also take READ 0110 College Reading Boost. Satisfied MnTC Objective 1 AUTM 2228 This course deals with the basic theory of automotive/transaxlene transmission.

These include converter operations, planetary transmission kits, clutch assemblies, strips and hydraulic systems. Students learn transmission/transaxle surgeries, diagnosis and repair. Conditions: AUTM1003, 1043 AUTM 2147 This course deals with advanced diagnostic and repair procedures for electrical, electronic and HLK systems in the automotive industry with different types of tools and test devices…