Crazy Agreement Halaman 5 Wattpad

Because it`s really embarrassing. Enough, Sasuke couldn`t stop the jealous flames that were watering his heart. Its existence was even ignored by both. Sakura circulated her green net in the corners of the room. His forehead was slightly wrinkled. “Why did Sasuke bring him here?” said Sakura. He was looking at Sasuke, the man who looked flat as usual. I don`t know why Sasuke took her to this place. There is no one here, there is only him and Sasuke. “I`m good Gaara and you?” Sasuke dazzles himself when Sakura Gaara processes a frills. “Jidat, you`ve been here for a long time! We bother you all, let alone this beautiful guy. He looks excited when he realizes you`ve been around for a long time. “Oh my God, you live in modern Jidat, not in the good old days,” Says Ino.

I feel like I want to shake Sakura`s jidat. He was surprised by his best friend that Sakura had never seen or heard the news and magazines. “What is it that I`m tired! Can you give me a break! Sakura growls. Before Karin teases him even more, he hastily changes the subject. Oh yes Karin, you know jidat is really great lo. He was chosen directly to serve Sasuke Uchiha! Huuh Jidat is very lucky,” sniffed ino, when Sakura always surpassed him. But Ino is not angry and hates Sakura, but supports and wishes the best to his best friend.